Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

People who don't have a life

There is one thing that drives me nuts: people who don't have a life but think they do and judge others who do a lot more because these people think that's "tooooo-tally competitive". But what kind of life is it where you can't keep a job, even though the jobs aren't that fancy to begin with. What kind of life is it, where you spend all of your free time spread out on the couch watching TV without really watching, and spend the rest of the time sleeping?! How can you have a life without a hobby, or ambitions, or aspirations?! And I don't mean the kind of aspirations where you think you'll be a manager of a big firm one day and get the fat pay check just because you say that you should get a job like that. Be realistic! How can you ever make a professional career, let alone be a manager, if you're not used to work hard, not used to having a hectic schedule, and are not "tooooo-tally competitive". You cannot have a career if you never pick up a book just for the sake of educating yourself, no matter what topic. You cannot have a career, if even organizing your "life" that consists of sleep, a not too challenging job, watching TV without really watching TV, and more sleep. If you want a career, a full life, you have to get out of bed. Because the day only has so many hours, a week only so many days. Yes, it's hard sometimes. But do you want to look back and think: Let's see, what did I do with my life? I slept, watched some TV - but I can't remember what-, and I did a job I hated but never tried realistically to change it, to push myself to the next level.
To me, that is sad. And I would pity these people, if it were not for their ignorance: these people think something is wrong with me because I read all texts and books and essays I need for university. They think I'm weird because I get up a couple of hours earlier to work out, or do homework, or write stuff for the pleasure of writing. These people don't understand that after a long day of class, I stay up, work out more, do more homework, read more, write more, and look for a side job, to earn more. I know I'm gonna get something in return for my efforts at one point or another in my life, because I work my butt off in different areas of life. I know that effort and hard work create the kinds of opportunities these other people call luck and think are heaven-sent and unfair. I know better. (But these people bug me anyway ;P)

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