Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

First Day of Slim Down - and not much more

Today was the first day of the 7-Day Slim Down. Got up really early for my "bootycall" 30 minute run, and it wasn't as horrible as I'd expected. Then things got real: I had to cook breakfast. I have never cooked breakfast before... but it went okay. Cooking and planning healthy meals takes up a lot of time though. Thank God this strict program is seven days only, after that I'll be more flexible. My favorite thing so far is the protein shake. It's the first time I've tried protein powder (I got whey powder with vanilla flavor and it's really delicious). Tofu, on the other hand, makes me gag. Which sucks, because as a vegetarian, I have limited options for that kind of protein as it is. But when I'm through with the pack of tofu in my fridge, I'm not gonna buy it again. I'm thinking about getting some sort of veggie burger stuff instead. I also substituted some of the "green" vegetables with carrots because I've still got some left in the fridge and I don't want them to go bad.

Altogether, I was hardly ever hungry all day, which is nice because if the starving part of a diet starts on day one, it's that much harder to stick to it. In the afternoon, I did a "Cardio Fit" class at university, which turned out to be 30 minutes of intense aerobic like jumping and hopping and running. After that, we did 20 minutes of strength training for all major muscle groups, and finished off with 10 minutes of stretching. It was exhausting and hurt like hell, but I'm not sore now. Tired. I am tired. The change in my nutrition, combined with a new workout routine, wore me out a bit. I am able to read stuff online and write this little entry, but I am not able to read any scientific stuff I need for uni, so I postponed it to tomorrow. If I tried reading it now, I wouldn't remember a thing tomorrow, so I might as well do it then.

I am positive that things will be even easier tomorrow, even though it's my marathon day at uni and I don't have time for a real workout except for the bootycall run and abs and stretching exercises at night after classes. Hopefully, I will get more reading done and maybe even work on my screenplay's plot some more.

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