Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

Motivation and procrastinating

I feel a little schizophrenic at the moment. In one part of my life, I'm super motivated and stick to my plans and schedules: I'm still on the 7-Day Slim Down and things are going great, even though I substitute stuff every now and then because I just don't like some of the veggies etc. they want you to eat. And I'm also really into working out at the moment. I hardly do any running because it's cold and dark outside, but I take at least one fitness or yoga or dance class a day (except for Tuesday; I've got classes all day then). I'm also planning to increase the numbers of classes once I'm done with this very strict diet on Sunday.
But when it comes to the work I need to get done for university, I'm not motivated at all. I spend too much time online, or watching TV, instead of getting this stupid stuff done. It's not even that difficult or challenging. So starting tomorrow, I will have to really kick my butt to get this stuff done, too, and at the same time keep up the good work when it comes to nutrition and working out. I also have to start working on my fiction writing again. I've got a million ideas and some stories already fairly worked out, but now I have to write it down. I'm really pissed at myself right now, and starting tonight after my very first Zumba class, I will make myself do stuff that just needs to be done!

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