Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Roomie-Rant No.2

Warning: Another roomie-rant. Between me and my roommate, in 100% of the cases, I'm up first. I walk through the apartment on the tips of my toes, take hours to open and close doors with as little noise as possible. I don't make breakfast until he's up, so that I don't wake him. But here's the thing: sometimes I'm up early, but stay in my room and read, so my roommate must think I'm still asleep because you don't hear and see me. And you'd think that, like me, he would try to be quiet because I'm still "asleep". Ha! Haha!!! Oh no, not him. Why would he?! He's the man! He might just as well chase an elephant through the apartment for all the noise he creates. Doors bang, he drops things, turns on the radio in the bathroom on a volume level that enables him to still hear it in the kitchen and living room, and sings along with the music (horribly so, I might add; the guy can't hit a single note). I mean, what the fuck, right?!

So my resolution is this: when I get up at 6 am, I will not walk on tiptoes. I will open and close doors normally, and I will make breakfast whenever I feel like it, regardless whether he's up or not. Because I'm over being unselfish, when I get absolutely nothing in return.

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